In the shadow of a glass and more

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It all started with the habit of having one or two glasses of wine during my college days.

I was a go-getter and a smart young man with friends all around. I was proud to get my first salaried job after just completing my teens. Life was a blessing, and everything was near perfect. Going to the office, coming back with success stories, and chatting with friends was my daily routine. However, work pressure slowly crept in, and I started spending my evenings with a glass or two. Gradually, arguments with my friends increased, and I started using slang after drinking. After that, many people claimed to see me coming to the office after having a glass or two. I met an accident while drunk driving, and after using the randomized breath testing device, police found me more than three glasses of wine above the limit. In spite of repeated warnings, I couldn’t resist the urge to drink at the office. Thus, I lost my job. One glass was no longer enough for me, and I started drinking an entire bottle, and then more. The habit of drinking alcohol created new health problems for me. Accidents became more frequent, and I started complaining of abdominal pain. Some even notice that I do forget a thing or two. Sometimes, I see I look much older than my buddies of my age, but still, I don’t think all this is because of a glass of wine; it may be because I don’t eat healthy food. I agree I skip my meals to have more glasses of wine or say I forget to have my meals after drinking.

Secretly, I repent having my first glass of wine. If I go to my younger self for once and ask him to stop at that one glass, maybe I would never spend the rest of my life in the shadow of glass and more.

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