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In this section, public health students will find a collection of useful learning resources for the core understanding of the subject.
The case study help student to think strategically to address varieties of issue related to public health.  The case study provides an opportunity for the students to develop a sense of public health work in a classroom environment. Therefore, a case study needs evidence of extensive reading and logical flow in describing vignette.
One of a major set back in preparing case study is thinking about the topic at last week of submitting the assignment. As a result, the student may not be able to provide evidence of analytical thinking in the final work . It is necessary to understand that university look for excellent analysis in work rather than a simple description of the topic. For instance, should one is making a case study on young alcoholic than just putting data on a piece of paper would not help to develop a good case study. Therefore, it is better to think of a problem from various perspectives. For example, identify the issue, develop a solution for the problem. In public health topics, there is a problem after suggesting the solution for the issue. For instance, in young alcoholic, should we recommend a complete ban of alcohol in the community -what problems can be there with the solution?
Evidence-based practice suggests ‘harm- minimisation ‘ model in young people instead of complete prohibition of alcohol.
With above example, it must be clear that an excellent study is not about finding an issue and proposing a solution. A structured case study involves looking at the bigger picture and thinking from every aspect of the problem.                                                 For more academic resources  ,please  check out my website 

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