listening vs living :the life

Mr. XY and Mrs. XX went to the party in a pleasant mood, with cheerful smiles on their faces. While cordially communicating with a bunch of people around, someone abruptly asked them about the reason for their not having a child in spite of their five years of marriage. Eventually, the whole discussion focused on them, with suggestions of infertility, available treatment options, and adoption. Unfortunately, such discussions were too much to handle, and hence, the couple decided to leave early, with tears in their eyes.

People tag couples as childless and unfortunate. However, for the couple, it is their own private journey. The couple may also want to focus on other essential and beautiful things.

When meeting people, it is not uncommon to hear the narration of one’s own story from different perspectives. Versions of one’s journey may shock or puzzle an individual and need lots of editing and corrections. When hearing these cooked-up stories, the crucial, challenging task is to keep one’s cool and brush it off. However, hearing the facts in a twisted and disfigured manner would undoubtedly impact the calmest person.

Empathy is vital in communication; however, it is regressing rapidly in our current society. The basic communication etiquettes, such as thinking before speaking and not sharing everything publicly, have completely vanished.

Overall, constantly hearing about the same issue from various people may negatively impact the mental well-being of a person. Hence, communication requires an element of empathy when we deal with human emotions.

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