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Lush Green Kailashahar, Tripura:India

Just after completing my MBBS, I had a fantastic opportunity to visit Tripura and understand the rural and remote area from the various angle. Such experiences enhanced my awareness of the challenges faced by the people of the remote area. For me, my learning moments came directly from the poor and underprivileged section of society especially women and children. For instance, anaemia in a woman can classify and treated in a hospital. However, when one looks for the real reason, it may be poverty for that woman. Should one dissect more layers of a social problem ,it may possible that her husband is alcoholic and she is dealing situation without support. These linking of the social condition is vital to eliminate health inequalities. It is popularly known as ’causes of the causes ‘ ( by Sir Michal Marmot) *. Hence, I start exploring more about real life issue and its connection with the health of an individual.

Spectacular Perth: Australia

Completion of my course in Public Health From Edith Cowan University, Perth Western Australia was an endeavour for me to know more about health and its connection to the society. I aim to highlight the significance of social issues in creating health of an individual.

  • Social aspects of health is not a separate domain from health science. Instead, it is an interwoven thread which is making the fabric of the community healthy and prosperous.

Hope these stories help to understand the magnitude of the problem in the society  from various and broad angle

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Warm regards,

Dr. Gargi  Sinha MBBS( LHMC, India), Grad.Dip Public Health (ECU, Australia)



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