Creative holiday tips for kids

School holidays are the time when children often complain of boredom. As a mum, I could relate how difficult it is to deal with situations where kids are heartbroken of staying back at home. Here are my few tips for parents that can help children to channelized  their energy in a positive way.


1. Joining Lego pieces together to create a masterpiece, would sure a perfect tool to kill the boredom during holidays
039 (2)
2.Colours can help a child to float his/her imagination on a paper
3.Any indoor board game is easy way to have  a quality  family time with  children


4.Playing a musical instrument and singing song  can navigate child’s energy in a positive direction
084 (2)
5.Nothing can be as rewarding and be relaxing for both parents and child/children to visit a nearby park /outdoor location


6.As a parent if you want to teach children about plants and flowers ,school holidays can be the best time . You can also plant some seed to demonstrate more about science .


037 (3)
7. During holidays using a tracing Paper can help a child  to be more creative and confident in copying pictures from his favorite  book


8.Last but not least ,let children create their personal and innovative games with anything in the house such as the tower of plastic cups .

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