Can creating a sustainable appointment system reduce the current chaos in a government-run hospital?


appointment system in health sector

For many efficient health care providers, one of the critical challenges is to manage daily chaos of outpatient department at government-run hospitals. Unfortunately, a lot of time and energy wasted of a health practitioner to organize disarray of impatience people. Although, a medical person is not the sole responsible person to handle the flood of people, however, in real life practice doctors are unnecessary blamed and stressed for the chaos.
In some health organisation , chaotic surrounding is part of practice from decade however nothing much has done so far. On the contrary, in some countries there is a provision of a suitable appointment system which acts as a bridge between the healthcare providers and the patient. Additionally, a good appointment system can allow quick access of to any clinician in a systematic and timely manner.
Overall, a sustainable appointment system is necessary for the health sector to reduce the disproportionate burden on health providers.

  • Well, I pen down the article from my personal experience in working in a chaotic environment. Many a times patients and relatives blamed for the chaos or doctors are targeted for the mismanagement. However, it is the environment which is responsible for such misunderstanding. In my opinion, a little change in the system itself can create a better satisfaction possibilities for patients and the healthcare provider. All we need is to come up with some innovative solutions for a better community.


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  1. Need of De hour. Nicely penned. But do we as citizens understand De critical nature of a doctor’s job. In India a VIP with a headache is more critical than a common man with a bleeding wound. N if a doctor decided urgency according to his skills den he s beaten up for his right choice. God save humanity where educated ones r regular victims of unprecedented mob violence creating havoc.

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