Recreate a tranquil zone: midlife transition

The transition from young adulthood to middle age is gradual, however, accepting new and challenging roles can result in the struggle of midlife. On the one hand, there is a joy of parenthood and success in career and on the contrary, stress of household work and office. On top of it, there is few emotionally challenging moment to cope with : loss of mother or father.

Midlife is a time when there are responsibilities to handle. It may be helping children for their homework or time pressure of finishing work assignments. The balancing act of personal and professional domain may add complexities in life. Unfortunately, the experience of transition of midlife can turn into a midlife crisis for some. Therefore, instead of revolving around daily commitments, it would be better if a person can assign some personal quality time for himself/herself.

These meaningful time may include relaxing or listening to music. It means spending time with your self without self-sabotaging and criticising yourself. For successfully cope with the midlife transition: recreate a relaxing corner for yourself in your house and within. 


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Recreate a peaceful zone for yourself: midlife transition



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