Change the perspective

Bad luck or Opportunity?


Life is not fair, and sometimes one is suddenly trapped in the zone of ‘not fair’ multiple times. Undoubtedly, that’s the most frustrating moment in any person’s life. The ‘not fair’ or ‘bad luck’ situation often limits one’s opportunities and, in many instances, snatches away an opportunity from a person’s life. This opportunity can be professional, such as a job interview, educational, or personal, such as a budding relationship. In any case, it leads to a sense of failure and anxiety. There are multiple ways to get out of such a situation, for example, by working hard toward your goals and success. A typical pitfall of success failure theory is that there are only two probabilities, one leading to congratulations and the other to criticism. Another way of coping is to deal with the situation in a different way and give it a whole new perspective.

As human beings, we have the power to analyse objects and innovate. What happens if someone takes failure as a stepping stone or a learning opportunity? Instead of pursuing vertical growth, where you are compelled to obtain heaps of degrees or a lucrative career, why not grow your career horizontally, with your unique skill set? It may sound difficult, but viewing things from different lens may provide a whole new avenue. For example, not being selected in an interview may be frustrating; however, such an experience can be vital for your second job interview. In fact, sometimes, multiple failures can be a driving tool for a person’s success.
Overall, no one remains a failure for a lifetime, and bad luck is not permanent. What is important is the perspective of the person during a hard phase in life. Instead of a tubular vision on growth, try to increase the focus and look around and turn your bad luck into an opportunity.


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