Glow in a relationship

space in a relationship



I was walking down the road, and I saw a lamppost. One bulb was brightly lit, and the other was not. I stood there for a couple of minutes and relate that with a story of a married pair. In few relationships one person grows and glow, and the other partner feel frustrated and hopeless.
On the contrary, there are relationships where both spouse grow and flourish with the same pace and harmony. For a moment, I thought of a question that I commonly encounter: What is the trick for a successful relationship? It’s no wonder that I can’t find any relevant answer for the question, but the closest possible answer can be: Space. Yes! Extra space where all family members can do their work without the interference of other people.
The concept of marriage is sharing and belonging. During initial phase of marriage, husband and wife want to sacrifice for each other to the extent of giving up their dreams. Later, such dependency on each other can create misunderstanding. Moreover, share and care in any relationship also require personal space. A space which is free from the interference of the other person. This may include time to think for one’s own growth or it may be time to relax. These spaces can be in form of time, place or socialisation. However, providing space also need amount of respect for each other. Constant criticism of each other can never able to develop a healthy relationship.
Overall, a successful marriage is not only the success of one person. It involves respect and space for both people so that both can grow.

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