My weakness is the strength


I write this article to let young generation know about the gravity of motherhood/parenthood. There is a  constant pressure for being a perfectionist. However, motherhood is not about being perfect; it’s about enjoying and cherishing the moment with the child.  

The life of a woman is indeed segregated between two zones: an independent entity before getting married and embracing motherhood and a constrained life after social changes. Along with all changes comes speculation and criticism, which include the end of a career or indicate wrong choices for the professional curve.

With such stereotyping of the institute of marriage, we are probably sending negative messages for our next generation. There is a level of ambiguity recognized among young people to understand motherhood skills. Unfortunately, the word “motherhood” is portrayed as weakness and confined to the home, but in reality, motherhood is leadership and a role of responsibility. Looking after a newborn baby may sound easy, but it takes courage and patience to stay at home and provide the best for the child.

A child is never a burden for a mother, but additional constant scrutiny for her role undisputedly makes the task distressful. A little bit of sensible approach by society can help mothers get rid of the extra stress of underperforming. Motherhood is not a time for competition and propelling a woman to show the best in her field; for instance, the dismissive reaction of colleagues and friends can lead her into worry, shame, guilt, and anxiety. Instead, a cooperative environment with support from family and friends may ameliorate her journey of motherhood.

Although, for many young people, motherhood seems a fragile term, however, from delivering a child to raising him/her as a charming person requires a fierce soul.

The impetus for discussion on the sensitive topic of parenthood has come mainly from observing struggle of new parents. Traditionally, role of a father in raising a child is not acknowledged. However, the contribution of a father need a special mention: perhaps, the untiring effort of man-woman still promising parenthood as a most rewarding journey.


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  1. Well penned yet again Gargi. Today’s generation is so stressed with their professional life Tht De western culture of living in n high rise in divorce is showing up. Only if our society was more sensitive towards women. Hvin an attitude of protection rather than competition will decrease crime against women ( molestations,rapes) too.

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  2. 1. My compliments to Dr Gargi Sinha for writing such lucid article on a very complex topic which is ignored and not understood by everyone.
    2. It is very well written article which brings out the modern day challenges of motherhood, as the joint family system is collapsing and nuclear families are on rise. A modern day mother has almost negligible support from elders in the family owing to nuclear family culture and add to this the constant scrutiny by peers, friends and relatives. It is indeed a challenging job now and requires words of praise to encourage a mother to continue her best, as any mother always does the best for her child.
    Great work.

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