Find the path:parenting world to chase dream


find the path

Wrapping up for the year 2017, I was feeling blessed and accomplished in the journey of life. The reasons are multiple : the most significant factor for me is that children are grown up and less demanding, which has certainly given me more hours of productivity for my work . However, for many parents, the approach of a new year may be full of ambiguity and uncertainty. Apparently, the arrival of a new baby and struggling to adjust with a new routine may justify the accentuation of negative feelings. However, I can resonate that deep inside there is a tremendous pressure of coming back to a routine life as soon as possible. This definition of mainstream life can be; going back to work, for some starting a new career or continuation of higher studies.

Many would argue that the birth of a child is not a catastrophe or some medical emergency and wonder why parents make it such a big issue? Why can’t they have a standard life and what exactly is stopping them? Although, there are multiple answers to these questions, and I would say that these little bundles of joy need a lot of affection and time of the new parents. For some lucky couples, grandparents or extended family can provide time and necessary arrangement for babies.
However, with globalisation, it is usually hard to find extended family members those who can look after baby. Hence, there is immense stress on parents to perform on both front :work as well as family.

In case you are one of them I would suggest that instead of self-sabotaging and criticising; appreciate and value yourself. Admire your work done by you for your baby because it’s about that bonding between the two of you  that matters the most. As a father or mother, you are the world of that little soul. Hence, instead of listening to the world just cherish those small moments and treasure them.


Finally, I would say that there is no harm in taking time for yourself. Your child will grow and understand you better than anybody. Thus, from my personal  journey of motherhood ,I understand that  you may not get time when your child is still  a baby, but you sure have time to accomplish your dream once he or she is a full-time school going, kid. Hence, acknowledge your effort and find the path with a positive outlook.


Wish you a positive parenting year 2018 


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