What does the future holds for you?



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What does the  future holds for you ?

There are several occasions when I face similar questions about future journey. Usually, predicted answers that society wants to hear is perhaps full of ambiguity . One end correspond with fortune and destiny and the other is sometime full of confusion and anxiety .

For me, the answer to the future lies somewhere in the past. It may not be in my past but in the history of my elders and their generation. I keep tracing back to the trails of the past and bringing back a reflection of my future. For instance,  observing and absorbing the wisdom of grand mother ,mother in law and their peer groups helped me to enhance my skill of motherhood. Similarly, meeting and talking to old generation healthcare providers suggested me the true meaning of empathy and compassion in the field of medical science. Those connections with history equipped  me with the foundation to understand the cycle of life in my own way and at my own pace. Together, these history and people inspired me to dream and courage to get out of my comfort zone.


Often I notice that there is a tendency to future-proof one’s career and life. Hence, there is a non-stop race to win the battle. However, when I look back in time, I realise how important it is to give back to society. Instead of being anxious about the future, let’s create a path of generosity for future generations. It may sound irrelevant for our generation ;however, these are the basic building blocks of designing a community with value as its base.

Directly, connecting with real people in real-time provided me the opportunity to think beyond ordinary. Perhaps, that’s the reason that despite being a science person I slowly start tracking down on the social aspect of science. Maybe my initiative can help our next generation to think in a more delicate yet diverse way.


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