A sparkling monster sealed in a glittering bottle

As we proceed from the gateway of an adolescent to the young life, a glittering bottle in a shop or a restaurant often attracts us. We all heard scary stories about the monster captured in the shiny bottle, however, tempted to pour the beast in a glass or two. When we drip these ripples in the glass, the colour and the texture is significantly amazing. Holding a beer mug or wine glass in hand, let us rejoice, the power of being an adult. With friends, it’s an opportunity to have a quality fun time, exchanging big idea of business and slowly gulping a glass or two.
Interestingly, the time we spend with friends became extremely worth. Along with the business we talked over the social occasion is about to help us establish new milestone: financially and professionally. . Hence, slowly start loving the shimmering bottle. Perhaps, makes us bewildering on the negative campaign over such a relaxing and beautiful drink?

impact of alcohol on physical and social aspect

harmful effect of alcohol
Although, the substance in the bottle is colourful, relaxing and attractive. However, it is, after all, a monster which trapped inside a closed lid transparent container and waiting to reveal the true monster power on the rescuer. The potential of the effect of the dependence on the beast in the bottle is not limited to an individual but goes beyond: to the family and the community. The domino effect of alcohol can knock down everything around a person. Such an argument probably left you more perplexed about the soothing and relaxing ripples of colourful liquid.
Moving forward towards the midlife, while bank balance mostly spends on buying an extra bottle or two drinking in isolation. As friends left you complaining about you being an alcohol addict and family, refuse to tolerate the daily drama of violence and mood swings. Additionally, work environment may effect due to a hangover and fight with colleagues over alcohol use the office. Thus, the monster in the bottle manages to encapsulate another passionate and ambitious human being.
Undoubtedly, the monster can tame and trained with awareness and cautions at an early age. While opening the glittering bottle anytime, remember you are pouring a sparking monster in the glass: how luminous yet a monster. A monster which doesn’t differentiate between rich or poor ,uneducated or educated to  destroy the   health ,family and community.

harmful effect of alcohol use.jpg

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