Managment of the project ‘family’

In the recent time , professional words such as ‘management ‘ and planning prolifically used in the sector of industry and employment. However, there is the limited application of such strategic terms at an individual and family level. Undeniably, in an office setting, spending time on the planning stage is fundamental to the success of the project. The focus at the work place is to create a framework for the project. However, when it comes for personal or family life, one  often tend to ignore these management skill . 

Although, as professionals, we usually mastered the skill of organising our task at work front. However, with growing demand at work front and reducing opportunity for social interaction, increasing an individual chance to deviate from self and family goals. Additionally, sense of rejection from the peers at the workplace can escalate the problems of frustration and hopelessness. If one dissected more level of such feeling, the correct coping strategies are often missing from an individual’s life. Perhaps, for an individual, failure of a well designed coping policy can lead up to an adopted wrong mechanism to deal with the crisis such as excessive intake of alcohol. From a family point of view, the whole dynamics of peace and relax atmosphere shifted to a constant outburst of anger and blaming business. As a result of these complicated situations, children in the family often need to deal alone with the issues of their parents. Hence, having a healthy family atmosphere is necessary for the people living in the house.

But, how can one consciously create a healthy environment for a family? Perhaps, the key to having established a healthy family zone lies within the adults of the household. The first task for parents is to understand that with the growing demand of children, the objective in the house does change regularly. For instance, the requirement of a baby is different from an eight-year boy. Hence, parents need to change their role accordingly to the demand. However, without proper planning, such change in the part negatively impact the emotions of parents. Thus, communication between the partners is vital to the success of the small team.

Similar to a project in an office, discussing the allocation of fund for the various task is another crucial piece of ‘the family project’. Overall, whatever strategies one adopt, it is essential to view the overarching goal of happiness within an individual and with the family.


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