The health of the healthy relationship of young people

In the education field, marriage is often visualised as an intruder to an individual’s life to derail the career momentum. Indisputably, such negative campaign about marriage, baffle the choices of the young generation. For young people, a demoralised attitude of society about starting a family, often create an impression of marriage as a terrifying ordeal. Additionally, lengthy process of acquiring the necessary skills and degree for the job market and lack of family and friends around to discuss such sensitive issues, significantly increase the challenges for young people. Indeed, it is easy to blame the new generations for a failed relationships and lack of concentration for work. However, in practical terms, it is the neglecting attitude of our society towards young people to provide a supportive environment.
On the one hand, young students and workers are expected to deliver the best in the field. These young individuals are trained to expand knowledge and help with their skills. However, sadly, no one talk about their coping strategies and working hours. Further, the critics often pinpoint every action to their choice of family life. For instance, for a mother, reaching late for the meeting would directly co-related with the presence of a child at home. Hence, a parent of a small child usually criticised more in the office and chances of losing the job.

On the other hand, few supervisors and offices try to support young generation and set an example of strengthening community action. Theses employers develop flexible hours and social support by identifying the primary obstacles. However, for such positive attitude seniors, the barrier is the unsupportive environment rather than the marriage or being a parent of a child. Thus, they aim to fix the negative attitude of the staff towards a young colleague. Rather than blaming and criticising an individual with a small baby, these empathetic supervisors choose to enhance the understanding environment at a workplace.

Although, from anecdotal evidence, family life has a contrary meaning for career growth. However, from a social science perspective, it is a value and basic fabric of the community. Interestingly, without developing a healthy environment, everyday life of an individual can turn into a daily affair of shame and guilt. Hence, based on the understanding of conventional life, it is vital for young generation and policymakers to talk about changing the social environment to improve the health of “the healthy relationships of young people.”


In the walk of life, I do get people who are genuinely supportive and never consider my motherhood as a barrier to become a professional. Although, at times I need to ask for a leave to be with my sick baby at home. However, with a thoughtful approach of the supervisors, I was able to manage both domains: education and children. I acknowledge, without a supportive environment it would be impossible to create a professional niche.


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