What went wrong with the immune branch of health profession in India

As soon as under-graduation finishes in the field of health sciences, there is a comprehensive discussion of selecting an ‘immune branch’ for future practice. ‘An immune’ branch usually incorporates several stringent criteria, which is impossible to achieve in the health profession. These standards mainly include not to deal with patients or patients relatives directly for an emergency. Branches which doesn’t enjoy the immunity yardstick is paediatrics followed by obstetrics and gynaecology and surgery. Although, several years ago, these braches were regarded as popular choices among health providers, however with increasing medicolegal cases and turbulence in the hospital setting, somewhere the sparkle of the selecting the emergency branches considerably reduces.

During the era of the 90s, along with the arrival of the latest technologies in the field of x-ray and ultrasound, radiology emerged as a promising ‘immune branch’ of medical science. The contribution of the radiologist for health practices is enormous such as antenatal ultrasound for obstetricians or MRI for a neurologist. Undoubtedly, radiology becomes a synonym of the luminosity field for health science. However, with every glorified peak of solutions, there come challenges; as with current pattern of radiology lot of antenatal check-up comes with the question of sex determination. Interestingly, the radiologist is the first bridge between patient and health provider who can have the idea of the gender of the baby. Here it necessary to highlight that many countries do not allow sex determination of a child before birth. While arguments were put forward that : such sex determination may reduce the number of the girl child; as many parents prefer a boy over a girl and opt for aborting a girl child. Hence, laws were made to curb sex determination through any radiologist

Sadly, in India, policymakers and society unable to have worked at ground level to build the awareness around girl child. For example, there are several levels where, as a society, we fail to address critical issues around girls ;such as dowry is still prevalent in almost every corner of the country. Perhaps one of challenging aspect of any awareness programme is blurring out the bigger vision and focusing only on the issue of law enforcement.

There are several pitfalls in the approach of government and society to deal with the issue and hence, resulting in a misunderstanding with health providers. Here it is needed to highlight that initially the war was to fight with social evils. Unfortunately, current scenarios of wrongfully alleging radiologist for sex determination in the country suggest an unnecessary conflict between law enforcement agency in the society and the antenatal ultrasound providers. Is it a positive trend of blaming a branch for giving their valuable feedbacks to other health providers? Or is it necessary to snatch the glory of’ ‘an immune ‘department ‘the radiology due to the failure of our policies and societal thinking?

An immune branch

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