Ruler or dice: attitude matters for life

rular or dice

The journey of life is often analogized with a ruler measurement where an individual presumes to travel from point A to point B. Undoubtedly, destination B assumes to have a better outcome than the start of the journey, point A. So, the measurement of success of an individual is often unidirectional with a standard format. For example, this achievement can witness in the field of education and employment where a celebration of success is directly proportional to the social position possessed by the men and women. Although, superficially, such calculation of achievement seems benign, but with a deeper look, it is a fatal arrangement for a society where everyone does not have equal opportunity. Additionally, such vertical growth often leads to a tubular vision, and a connection with the surroundings can be lost completely.

Hence, there are other ways to look at successes and failures of life.
What happens if we reflect life with dice, which has a lot of facets. Interestingly, each aspect is different regarding numbers. While some sides resemble professional success and some personal, together they completely provide a unique identity to a person. For instance, a child may not be a genius in mathematics, but may play piano better than others. His parents have a choice to complain or feel proud of the unique qualities of the child. Indeed, such attitude can matter for the overall development of the child.
To have a balanced and productive life one of an important strategy is to define yourself in multiple ways. For instance, you may be stress out with your daily schedule and cannot define any bigger goal in life. Then instead of self-sabotaging, one can have a smaller objective for few days such as socializing with old friends and relaxing for a weekend to visit family and friends. Perhaps, these social gathering may provide you an opportunity to feel proud of your other facets in life.
Overall, comparing life to a single standard can negatively impact the vast majority of the population. Hence, to have a society where everyone can live in harmony one needs to look at all facets of an individual.


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