Merging boundaries: unemployment and employment


Recently, I came across few words in the dictionary: idle, unoccupied and jobless as a synonym of unemployed. Few other online explanation for an unemployed depicts, a person who is searching a job and available for the ‘labour market’. What came to my attention is the theoretical term for defining a price tag for human’s hard work and talent is the word the ‘labour market‘. Who coined this term? Additionally, why our society is rigidly controlling labour market in a particular fashion and unfortunately, segregating people in a category of employed and unemployed. In the specific instance, the two zone of employment and unemployment can flare up to the territory of competent and incompetent.

In the struggle of the modern era, unemployment is not a choice but rather a form of rejection from work and later on from family and friends. Unfortunately, for many candidates, sorting out as unemployed can equivalent to incompetent in the field. Which further aggravate their level of stress and anxiety and decrease the self-esteem and confidence. Undoubtedly, a fractured self – respect, may not help a young individual to lead a productive life.

To date, young people designed peculiarly to secure a job in a labour market. Such an uni-directional channelization of acquiring only skill is tricky in many ways. First, young people are prompted to enhance only those skill which is paid and economically beneficial. As a result, a person bound to forget his or her talent and hobby, which could help him to enhance his career. Secondly, such inflexible arrangements, significantly hampering the innovation and freedom to create something new.

I try to observe these old age system of work and non-work classification more precisely. It amazed me how tuned we all are in to give up our dream, passion and happiness for the sake of getting the best bet for the profession. Unfortunately, challenging these current ‘ labour market’ can crucify one professionally. But, yet I am optimistic that these old classifications need to go to a back seat. People are much more than his or her professional degrees and job. For me, tagging a youth as unemployed means, we are unable to provide a space to grow for our next generation .



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