The unappreciated endeavour


I am over the milk bottle and pram phase. My babies have turned into manageable, big kids, now studying in primary school. My kids are busy exploring their imagination and enhancing their writing skills. The most challenging part, the initial phase of motherhood, is over for me. I assume that, currently, my role is limited to providing my signature on school forms and to attending parent-teacher meetings. In short, my house is back to normal.

Perhaps, all these years of motherhood have affected me in millions of ways and changed me completely as a person. While raising babies, I had an opportunity to unfold the whole drama of motherhood. I found that motherhood is not an easy task, as I had imagined during my celibate days. It is a responsibility, a job without the option of offering your resignation from the post. Being a mum is a constant commitment towards the child. From a theoretical or, rather, an ideal perspective, one needs to perform to the best of one’s abilities. However, doing your best is not always possible, and sometimes, it is not an option at all. For instance, in case a mother is looking after her children without family support, then giving a comprehensive care to the child is not possible all the time. After all, a mother is not a robot who can work all day and night. She would want to rejuvenate after all these changes in her life. There are moments when she will have the desire to take a break from her child and watch a movie. However, sometimes for some reason, one can’t get a break even for an hour.

Many would agree that many marital problems do come in these tender years of a woman’s life. Probably, children’s tantrums are enough to snatch the peace in the house. Parents at risk of stress and anxiety often have emotional burnout moments, which may lead to arguments. It may be possible that in the event of the sickness of a child, both partners may unnecessarily blame each other. One important reason for such conflicts is the loss of social cohesion in our community. For instance, the woman is unable to find friends after childbirth, and the man is often confused with his new role, especially if he doesn’t get enough support from the workplace. With a competitive environment in today’s work culture, the parents of small children are often marginalised and stressed.

Predominantly, our generation talks about all new and critical sectors, such as corporate life and revenue in business. However, perhaps we forget to talk about one traditional yet necessary aspect of human life—motherhood .

(or much  broader term would be  the journey of parenthood).

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